Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Interrupt this Interruption! Can you Help our Neighbors in Newtown? Do you Sew, Knit or Crochet??

Greetings Dear Blog Friends!
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 ((Since posting this on Facebook and Twitter, I had over 100 anonymous spam comments, so since I'm all set in the "Male Enhancement Products" and "Unusual Investment Opportunities" departments, I deleted them all! Word Verification is now turned on to alleviate the problem. My apologies to you if your sincere non-spam comment was inadvertently deleted. (I've already been emailed twice this morning) There is a wonderful chain of sharing for this cause on Facebook, I've heard from 4 states in the past 18 hours. . . . woohoo! ))

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Our hearts are heavy, but time is marching on. If you haven't yet, please read my post of Tuesday, December 18th, to understand my family's connection to Newtown:

 Yesterday I posted a comment on Facebook:

"I seriously wish I could just sit down, knit & watch the Hallmark Channel for a few days, maybe that would snap me out if this funk".

Suddenly, it came to me, why don't I knit some scarves for the teachers?? why can't I get my Knitty Pals to help?? I called my daughter in law and my sister. They were in.  Are you?? Can you be??

Earlier in the week, I got a newsletter email from Eva of A Stitch In Time my local yarn shop. She was asking for cookie donations to make cookie platters for the families of the Sandy Hook Tragedy victims. I was thrilled to donate some home baked goods and when I brought them in this morning to the shop, I discussed with Eva, my plan for keeping Newtown warm with green scarves. She Immediately called to order green yarn (Berrocco Vintage Chunky) and asked if they would match her purchase for the project! Isn't this incredible! I'm over-the-moon excited - when the chips are down, you call the knitters, crocheters and needle-crafts people into action! She's going to post it in the shop too and we're hoping to cover the current 80 staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary, in warm green (& white) scarves by mid January, when they'll be heading back to school at Chalk Hill School in Monroe.
So the details:

Knit, crochet or sew a scarf for an adult using a combination of green (Kelly Green, Christmas Green, Hunter Green)  and white, or just green. Wool, cotton, acrylic. . . . .  whatever you have or have access to. ANY YARN is FINE. You can do it . . . .Yes, You Can!
(Please no scarves in Just White)

Scarves, Infinity scarves and Cowls are a warm hug for your neck.
If you sew:  type "SEW AN INFINITY SCARF" into your search engine and many tutorials come up.

If you Knit:  Simple scarves, cowls and infinity scarves are best.  Green and white stripes are fun (rugby style?? Ribbed??!). . . . anything goes.

If you Crochet:  Same goes as for the knitters but here is a SUPER SIMPLE Infinity Scarf that can be whipped up in no time at all!

With a P hook and bulky yarn, chain 90, join to form a ring, careful not to twist.
1 round HDC. join.
1 round HDC in the back loop only. Join.
4 Rounds HDC, join at the end of each round.
1 round HDC in back loop only. Join.

If you'd like to help us reach our goal of 80 scarves, please send your finished scarves to the address below. Please include your name so that we can let each recipient know who made their scarf, and what state/town they came from.

Patrice Heisler
The Newtown Warm Scarf Project
PO BOX 1025
Redding, CT 06875

Additionally, if you live in the Newtown/Redding/Monroe/Danbury/Ridgefield area and you'd like to purchase some Berrocco Vintage Chunky from Eva at a reduced price, please stop in and see her at:

A Stitch In Time
Eva Donnelly
276 Greenwood Ave
Bethel, CT  06801
We'd like to collect 80 scarves for Sandy Hook by January 15th. If there is still alot of interest, we're going to keep going and the staff at Newtown High School will be next up.

Can you Help? Will you??
With Love and Thanks!
Talk soon ~ xo P 



  1. Patrice,
    This is such a wonderful idea to send love and support to your Newtown neighbors. I have my sticks and yarn ready to go!

  2. Spreading the word down here in sunny Florida. Patrice, thanks for inspiring us. Merry Christmas...

  3. What a good idea--I'm glad for a way to be of some comfort. :)

  4. I just got my green yarn today! I'm gonna hook a scarf up and send it your way! This is such a fantastic idea.

  5. I'm making two to send your way from Illinois! I dont know if they will make it by the 15th but I will try! Glad to help!


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